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    • Popular Articles

    • How is Translate By Humans different from other translation and localisation agencies?

      Translate By Humans is human in spirit and action. We materialize your language-related requirements by employing efficient, seasoned, and proficient language professionals who are native speakers of the target languages. We don’t use bots or ...
    • How do I submit my project to Translate By Humans?

      To submit a language service request through our website, please fill this form with your project details and our team will get back to you with a price quote. This quote is completely free - we won’t charge you for it. A dedicated project manager ...
    • What is Translate By Humans, and what services does the company provide?

      Translate By Humans is a revolutionising attempt to alleviate difficulties experienced by global businesses. We cater to most language-related requirements. We are a streamlined, multilingual, professional, time-efficient and cost-competitive ...
    • How much do transcription services cost?

      There are two main services you can avail, and the cost would be majorly dependent on that among some other factors: 1) Video/audio to transcribed text 2) Transcribed text translated into another language For (1), you would be charged on a per-minute ...
    • Does Translate By Humans transcribe multi-speaker files?

      Yes, we do. We have an advanced infrastructure in place that assists us in seamlessly deciphering the content of the multi-speaker files and accordingly transcribing them in the specified language without compromising on quality.