Does Translate By Humans transcribe only digital media? - Support

Does Translate By Humans transcribe only digital media?

At the moment, we don't support conversion of analogue media into digital media. We only transcribe digital media.
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    • Does Translate By Humans transcribe multi-speaker files?

      Yes, we do. We have an advanced infrastructure in place that assists us in seamlessly deciphering the content of the multi-speaker files and accordingly transcribing them in the specified language without compromising on quality.
    • Is Translate By Humans HIPAA Compliant?

      Translate By Humans is a HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) compliant Language Service Provider. We employ trained employees and business associates who are bound by NDAs and Business Associate contracts to adhere to the ...
    • How does Translate By Humans select its translators?

      At Translate By Humans, we carefully select certified translators who are native speakers of their target language. In addition, we source our translators from their country of origin to ensure a solid cultural and contextual connection. All of our ...
    • How is Translate By Humans different from other translation and localisation agencies?

      Translate By Humans is human in spirit and action. We materialize your language-related requirements by employing efficient, seasoned, and proficient language professionals who are native speakers of the target languages. We don’t use bots or ...
    • What is Translate By Humans, and what services does the company provide?

      Translate By Humans is a revolutionising attempt to alleviate difficulties experienced by global businesses. We cater to most language-related requirements. We are a streamlined, multilingual, professional, time-efficient and cost-competitive ...