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How will translating product listings on Amazon help me increase my sales?

As one of the most significant global marketplaces, Amazon ensures maximum visibility of product listings across different countries. Product listings contain information such as the product title, description, specifications, FAQs, reviews, etc. Product listings, however, need to contain information in a language your potential buyers understand and relate to. For example, if you are a seller based in the UK, you will still need to translate your product listings for the languages that Amazon supports if you want your products to appeal to native buyers in their home country.  

When Amazon users view the website in another language, a majority of the content is machine translated, which means it can often contain errors. Just like other search engines, your products are ranked on Amazon based on the content the listing includes.

With professional translation, you can benefit from search engine optimised translations that are entirely accurate - a combination that will help you rank much higher, thereby increasing the click-through rates of your listings and conversions!

Fortunately, all you need to do is find Translate By Humans on Amazon Seller Central and begin using our language services. We make sure that not only is your content translated, it is also localised to hold cultural context. Please note that while we provide translation for product listings, we do not directly upload the details on the website for clients.

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